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This test will take about 5-10 minutes. You must take the time to complete the test entirely and get your results. If you leave during the test you must start it over next time you log in.

The Trauma Test is a brief self-administered rating scale. It is useful in determining the degree to which you struggle with the aftermath of trauma, anxiety or depression, nervous system overarousal, and difficulty with healing and recovery.

Traumas are traditionally viewed as catastrophic events outside the range of usual experience. However, "trauma" encompasses a much broader range of causal situations and is a very common occurrence. Traumas are universal, and they occur intermittently in everyone?s life. Though we all sustain traumas to some degree in life, many people have much greater difficulty rebounding and healing. Genetic vulnerability and environmental misfortune often make us physically and psychologically prone to attack and to breakdown from life?s events and forces. Many people are unaware of the significant connection between current symptoms/difficulties and past traumas.

Take the Trauma Test to discover if you are still responding problematically to past traumas, whether or not you are aware of them.