Confessions of a Maverick Mind


My latest book, Confessions of a Maverick Mind, is here. Reading it will not make you wealthier or healthier; nor will it likely change your fundamental outlook. It will make you laugh, make you cry, and move you to feel your deepest feelings of joy, pathos, compassion, and sensitivity.

This book recollects significant experiences and reflections of my life. It chronicles my delights and sorrows over the past few decades, and it occasionally harkens back to my childhood. Confessions of a Maverick Mind expresses my idiosyncratic views of love, God, family, work, politics, sex, body functions, marriage, divorce, healing, illness, determination, and the startling ironies of life. The varied writings will touch you with compassion, poignancy, romance, wit, and connection.

It is full of satire, adventure, commentary, comedy, odd juxtaposition, poetry, and songs. It is quintessentially the peculiar proceedings of my maverick mind. As you read and connect with my vulnerabilities, you will find recognition and relief from your own struggles. Reading it will greatly reward you for the effort.