Overcome Anxiety: Break Free From Fear, Worry, Trauma, and Negative Thinking

Overcome Anxiety

This book shows you how to get rid of anxiety and keep it from overwhelming you.

By reading this book, you will:

  1. Understand what really causes anxiety.
  2. Learn about professional and self-help treatments that work.
  3. Have a step-by-step guide to treating your own anxiety and trauma.
  4. Appraise the maze of mental health treatments.
  5. Understand how anxiety perpetuates addictions.
  6. Identify the roots of trauma in sustaining anxiety.
  7. Use practical tools to defeat worrying and obsessive thinking.
  8. Find solutions safer and more effective than drugs.
  9. Navigate ways to overcome social anxiety and phobias.
  10. Recognize the roles of conscience and spiritual foundations in anxiety.