Staying Madly In Love

Staying In Love

If you are married, have been married, or might get married, this is the book you’ve been wanting!

Written by a psychologist, married for over 30 years and with over 42 years of professional experience, this book shows you how to have a mature, satisfying marriage, filled with compassion, rewards, and passion.

Staying Madly in Love with Your Spouse is a functional roadmap for staying married, being a self-sufficient and happy person, and collaterally achieving a more harmonious marriage relationship. Drawing upon therapeutic experience with thousands of families across three decades, Dr. Steinberg reveals important principles for marital happiness and sustenance. He provides clear, practical steps for achieving them.

Whether you are struggling in an unhappy marriage or want to retain and rekindle a more fervent and passionate love, Staying Madly in Love with Your Spouse will uplift and invigorate you with practical insights, humor, and profound truths about marriage and how to make it more rewarding.