Popular books written by Dr. Mark Steinberg
offering insight, understanding, and solutions.

Overcome Anxiety: Break Free From Fear, Worry, Trauma, and Negative Thinking

This book shows you how to get rid of anxiety and keep it from overwhelming you.

Life Control: Take Charge And Get Ahead

Learn the seven scientific principles to take charge and get ahead in your business and personal life.

ADD: The 20-Hour Solution

This book explains how EEG neurofeedback addresses the underlying problem and characteristics of ADD and ADHD, so that symptoms resolve and tangible improvement results. This book describes the method by which we can improve the brain's ability to pay attention and regulate its behavior.

Living Intact

Challenge and Choice In Tough Times

Living Intact distills Dr. Steinberg's 42+ years of clinical practice as a psychologist into a manual of what works and what doesn't. This book is loaded with proven practical strategies for making your life and the lives of those around you better. It is a roadmap for getting the job done right and for building a character that pleases God.

Staying Madly In Love

With Your Spouse

If you are married, have been married, or might get married, this is the book you’ve been wanting!

Written by a psychologist, married for over 30 years and with over 42 years of professional experience, this book shows you how to have a mature, satisfying marriage, filled with compassion, rewards, and passion.

When God Takes Away

Living with Loss and Surrender

This was a difficult and painful book to write. What began as a mournful expression and attempt at closure evolved into a discovery of my own relationship with the processes of attachment, loss, the healing of trauma, and surrender to and acceptance of God's will for me. When God Takes Away allowed me to explore the universal aspects of loss that affect all people. We may have individually different losses, but the impact of loss touches everyone.

Confessions of a Maverick Mind

My latest book, Confessions of a Maverick Mind, is here. Reading it will not make you wealthier or healthier; nor will it likely change your fundamental outlook. It will make you laugh, make you cry, and move you to feel your deepest feelings of joy, pathos, compassion, and sensitivity.